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На данный момент все тот же самый хардкор, через 15 минут после начала, ивент сразу заканчивается. No event on EUrealms. Totally broken since last week. Комментарий от Rensen Уже второй раз замечаю такой баг. Несмотря на то, что гоблин в начале состязания орёт, что засчитываются первые 50 победителей, ничего не работает. Через некоторое время гоблин внезапно начинает орать, что состязание закончено, при чём несколько раз, однако никаких пятидесяти победителей ещё не было. Хотя за пару недель до этого всё работало безупречно и можно было успеть хоть до вечера. В чём проблема я абсолютно не понимаю. Как достучаться до близзов я тоже не подозреваю, но я считаю, что нам всем стоит попробовать сделать это, чтобы убрать этот гадкий баг, иначе он так и останется навсегда. Более того, пойманную рыбу не сдать в обмен на голд, так как локальное задание, в котором она засчитывалась, просто исчезает. Комментарий от Rensen До сих пор не работает. Я никогда не думал, что Близзард могут НАСТОЛЬКО наплевательски относиться к игрокам! Комментарий от srdjan96 What lvl do i need or fishing xp for this event? Комментарий от kittyrar Tips for winning: Set your hearthstone in Booty Bay. Know which prize you want prior to handing in so that you can hand in as fast as possible. Mount up and fish somewhere else if someone starts fishing in your pool. Move between pools as fast as possible. It is rumored that there are slightly more pools at the lower half of Stranglethorn than the upper half. Комментарий от AuRumStalker Some more tips to the above: I was alone fishing on the Wild Shore. When you come through the tunnel that leads you outside of Booty Bay, turn right and get to the shore. I had an area of pools where I was roaming around fishing. Started of in booty bay, set my hearth to the bar. Check to see how many fish you had to catch, just to be sure. But then again, you cant pay people to help you out. If a pool was busy I just ran to the next one. D Good to know, she yells that the contest is over so you will know if someone else beat you. GL and happy fishing: Комментарий от jobezark The event does not occur simultaneously on all realms, and tastyfish survive realm transfers. Use this to your, erm, competitive advantage. Комментарий от Serrah I have won this thing a few times now and I thought I would share some of the things which have helped me to win. Preparation Even before you consider joining work on your pool fishing skills. BY this I mean going from mounted to fishing quickly. The aim is to be able to ride up to a pool and cast and make it hit the pool in one cast. Learn how different heights on the ground compared to the water effect your fish line and get a feel on where to stand. I see so many people who got no clue of this, they stand too close, too far, recast even if the bobber is inside the pool.

The bobber does not have to be in the middle of the pool to yeild tastyfish. Learn where the pool stops and where it begins. I usually arrive at booty bay about minutes before the contest.

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It might seem excessive but it gives me the most time to be prepared. This is important because it can give you some idea of how crowded some areas will be and therefore you can select a good start location. Even before I go to booty bay I make sure I have at least a bag empty so I do not have to worry about tossing away unwanted fish because lack of room. When I do arrive I set my HS there and make sure I have at least 5 elixirs of water walking. Speed enchant on boots help a bit but from my experience there are very little running. I also make sure I am very visible to deter other people from settling down on my spot. I there are many competitors I would not suggest going to the eastern shore of stranglethorn because it seems to be overrun very much. I would not suggest going to obscure places as well because there are always a few fishers who come to the same conclusions that some places will be swamped. They are usually better-than-average fishers i. Select a location with moderate amount of tasty fish. Starting location is NOT everything. You can win even if you end up in a bad start location. Fishing Your goal is to catch fishes, catch them quicker than your opponents and therefore you need to be more effective in your fishing than they are. To catch fishes quickly you need to be left alone to fish as much as possible.

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Keep that in mind during the competition at all times. Fishing in STFE is not the same as normal pool fishing. The pools respawn a lot quicker and just because you fished in a location four minutes ago does not mean it will lack pools now. In my experience it is more beneficial to stay near one location for most of the fishing competition going back and fourth rather than far up or far down as long as your area is not teeming with competitiors.

wow рыболовный чемпионат тернистой долины

The random fisher in STFE is not very far sighted in his fishing. He goes in one direction, from one pool to the next along the shoreline. After a while a "fishing express" of fishers start to appear where or more fishers go from one pool to the next and all try to fish from the same pool. You do NOT want to get caught up in this. Go the other way if you meet up with them even if it were the way you came from. You might lose a minute but it is far better than to get one fish per pool by going with the fishing express. By going back and fourth you wont meet up with the fishing express too much. Plan your fishing ahead. When you are fishing in a pool do not focus all on fishing, focus on where to go next, look for other fishers and try to remember the locations you last fished in. If someone rides up to you and start to fish do not panic and ride away. There are on an average about 4 fishes in each pool so if you are fishing your first fish then you can wait and recast. If you are on your second fish then it is a gamble to recast. If you are on your third fish then it is better to not recast and move on. Psychology This probably makes or breaks the competition for you. Try to stay as calm as possible while you are fishing. Getting angry, disappointed or disheartened is very bad becasue it takes focus away from your fishing. You need to be in a state of peak performance during the entire event. Yes sometimes you will get stranglekelp in a row but you need to realize this happens to everyone. A minute later you might have a fishing streak of 10 tastyfish in a row. Do NOT give up when this happens! I have bounced back from getting awful streaks of bad luck and I have also lost when most stuff go my way. Also avoid looking at the clock and thinking "someone should have won now". This put extra stress on you and will most likely end up with a mistake or two being made. The same thing is true with getting overly excited at being near 40 fish without a winner. Try to stay calm and catch those last fishes even if your heart is pounding.

Getting excited and pushing the bobber before a fish is on it or not positioning yourself properly can lead to a loss. Some people might say you should leave general chat but I do find that it is good to have it on. Try to get some talking going before the competition. Use peoples psychology against them. You can use general chat to inflate your catches a bit to make other people disheartened so they fish worse. By inflating I do not mean to say "I have 33 fish" five minutes in the competition. If you have 16 then say you have 22 for example. Комментарий от Spinkert One thing to note during the contest is, in addition to being ganked by fishers of the opposite faction, players in your faction will sometimes have friends on the opposite faction ganking on their behalf, made easier now thanks to RealID. Make a note of who the player in your faction is and when you see them in the area, get away as soon as you can.

wow рыболовный чемпионат тернистой долины

Taking several res sicknesses in a row ends up expensive unless you get naked. Or transfer to a lower population server. Комментарий от Hadarace FFS missed it like 2 sundays in a row, then I finally am on at the time and I get local and realm time mixed up. Комментарий от Hadarace Just won it fishing from gromgol to the arena. Little to no competition. Turned it in and chat fills with "WTF", "omg how", "holy hell", and my favorite "owned by a lvl 70". Комментарий от HunterInvocation I just won this first time I tried - I bought a swiftness Pot for 8g, and a few Water Walking Elixirs, I flew to BB, and set my HS to Booty Bay Bar. I fished only on the Wild Shore, there was not much competition there, even though I thought there would be more, I saw a total or 3 different people fishing in a pool there. ALL THANKS TO THIS THREAD! Комментарий от redjarman A lotta jerks on my server. One week a guy had 3 friends with mammoth mounts standing on every pool i went to so i couldnt see them or click my bobber. Today, there were about 8 guys on mounts overlapping Riggle Bassbait so there was no way you could click on him easily.

wow рыболовный чемпионат тернистой долины

Комментарий от Ashvael Note that after 4. Комментарий от Serrah Some thoughts on cataclysm STV extravaganza Flying mounts and a split zone changed a lot when it comes to this competition. It is easier to transfer between zones when you do not have to rely on bugged waterwalking potions to get between fishing locations. This goes for both the start yell and the winner announcement. Furthermore your find fish skill only works in ONE zone at a time. If you are in the northern part you cannot see the pools in the southern part even if you are nearly sitting on top of it. There seem to be no pools at the islands of the wild shore. Granted I usually never start at the wild shore because it is overrun by players and in comparison with the other shores it is short and hard to switch from without losing time. Water walking potions, speed potions and swim speed potions are redundant and not needed with flying mounts. If you fly too quick over the shores sometimes the pools will not have time to spawn before you pass them by. Flying in bursts while looking for zones might solve this. New start locations which looks promising. A good way might be to start at the border southern part so you can hear yell between zones and see which zone spawns the most pools. Hardwrench Hideaway seems to be very good as well because of the crooked shoreline which means there are more pools spawning than the straight shores. The island with naga seems to be a good place now as well because of how easy transition is now with flying mounts. Yojumba island and the northern part is lacking because of not hearing yells and the fewer pools. Good luck all master anglers and anglers in training. Комментарий от mntwins The guild Jolly Rogers on Azshara US likes to camp schools on their mammoths during this contest, making it impossible to fish, ensuring that one of their guild members wins the tournament every week. Комментарий от zich One word of caution fishing around Hardwrench Hideaway, several pools are within aggro range of the lvl 85 goblins. I also watched 1 person die and 1 person run away because of aggro while I fished 2 schools near the dock from the safety of the water. Never expect to win. Even if you have 40 Tastyfish and is hearthing back. It will only increase the disappointment when Johnny B. RNG WILL screw you over. If your bobber lands right on the edge of a pool and you do recast, it would have held a tastyfish. If a place looks quiet 2 minutes before the start of the Extravaganza, expect 5 more people to show up.

If a place looks quiet 1 minute before the start, expect 5 newbies to show up and follow you around. You will have a lot of them. Комментарий от zhedtheshaman Currently, every Крапчатая вкуснорыба for the STFE counts toward the guild achievement, Шаланда, полная сардинок. Комментарий от Wincewind So I planned to do the fishing contest, level 85, but because of the new instances and their quests, apparently I was in another phase of the area, so I did not see a single pool of fish. Submitted a ticket, average wait time: Lol, I won today!

The number one most important thing to remember is to set your hearth to Booty Bay. By hearthing and popping a speed pot, I beat out two people who were on their 39th fish when I turned in the quest. Комментарий от scrabblewench Same here. I saw one pool for a total of two seconds - when I turned around and landed, it was gone. Anyway, thanks for mentioning this.

wow рыболовный чемпионат тернистой долины

Комментарий от w1ck3d Just won the tournament. Tbh it was alot easier then i thought, or maybe i was just lucky Комментарий от ToughGirl so im new to this sadly i missed 2day event had a busy day, but im wondering the event last for a whole week? Комментарий от ToughGirl Hi i have another questions, where exactly will the fishing pools spawn at that we need to fish from? Комментарий от Whitexx5 Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza guide for patch 4. After winning the competition in eighteen minutes I thought I would inform wowhead of just how I did it, in return for all the help they have given me. Look no further than this for how to win this competition in Cataclysm. Fishing in the best location there is, right next to The Sundering there are two little islands and about five or six tastyfish nodes that frequently spawn, meaning short distance to travel between and no need to locate yourself elsewhere throughout the competition. Setting your hearthstone to Booty Bay, I beat the other top competitor by one fish just because I managed to hearthstone right on time and knew which reward I wanted. Do not really work that well here , the reason I failed my first attempt at The Sundering is due to trying to walk on the water in order to get at the pools more easily; which ended up in me falling repeatedly into the water despite having the buff. Last but not least, you will be between Northern and Southern Stranglethorn constantly. If you, like me on my first attempt, are sitting on one of the isles in the river next to The Sundering and you just happen to be in Northern STV, you will not hear the yell. I have just gone to check how many tastyfish pools spawn around the area I am yapping on about and it happens to be six, seven if you fly very slightly onto the nearby coast. In my personal experience, only two players came across me at The Sundering and neither stayed for more than one pool. Комментарий от Karmandie Had a very frustrating day attempting this today--maybe someone here can help. I used "Find Fish" to look for pools and they popped up for about half a second before disappearing. Any pools that showed up disappeared in about half a second as well. Not even the regular pools spawned for me, and I checked the entire coast. In one case, I could dive in the water and see the fish swimming, but no pool. Any thoughts as to why this happened? Or am I just super lucky? Комментарий от Starkodder Warning: If you have Дух Бвембы or Направляясь в форт Ливингстон in your log, schools wont show, probably something to do with you being phased. I flew the entire west coast of stranglethorn north and south with no schools showing. Ive had a few wins, so I should know how to spot the schools Id guess this phasing will continue as long as your are on any part of the above quest chains. Hence go do em before the contest or abandon them but then you wont to get your Детеныш пантеры Just finished Дух Бвембы in good time before contest ended: Schools became visible again same for ore and herb nodes.

Комментарий от Silversage05 Won the extravaganza today. Thanks for all the helpful tips. Then decided on a good starting location. I disabled all addons which I believe would make Booty Bay load a bit faster. Used a macro to cut a few seconds off my Astral Recall might have been a bit overkill: Комментарий от saenokda Won the tournament today with a Magic Broom , but a Flying Broom would be even better i suppose. Комментарий от fieandt Today I went to STV around 1. I started fishing them up then and waited for normal shouts about when the contest should begin and nothing happened suprise. Well I fished up my 40 fishes and returned to BB and get my gold Dunno what time schools really spawned but I think it was 1. Комментарий от Kronic First time since BC that I have done this, and can honestly say that I was glad to do it this time around. Got my 40 fish within the first 25 minutes of the tournament. After that, I continued to fish for the uncommon fish. Received the following before each uncommon fish: Крапчатая вкуснорыба x80 Рыба-ангел Кифэра x1 Крапчатая вкуснорыба x70 Дезийская ставрида x1 Крапчатая вкуснорыба x40 Синий полосатик Браунелла Set hearth to Booty Bay for easy porting to turn in quest. To win, station yourself in an area minutes before the tournament starts. Have the best fishing pole you got equipped. Fish in all pools you find near you. Fly to your next pool compared to walking, unless the pool is right next to your last one. Avoid fishing in pools where other players are fishing. You never know if someone is on their last fish or not. After you win or if someone else wins, continue to fish for your chance to catch one of the uncommon fish. Fish until the end because the NPCs Рыбобот and Джанг stay for about an hour after the tournament is over, enabling you to turn in all fish you have caught for either profit or items. Follow this and you should be fine. I will give kudos to those who posted earlier giving tips Thanks kittyrar, AuRumStalker, and a special thanks to Serrah for the more detailed version of the tournament preparation. Комментарий от ZanyRock Ok I noobed it and hearth at 1: Я уже думал бросить это дело, но все-таки решил доловить до конца. Выловив сороковую рыбину я портанулся в таверну и подбежал к гоблину. Моему монаху как раз кстати. Не знаю, насколько еще актуальна сейчас информация о возможности ловить во внутренних водоемах, но попробуйте. Ведь не смотря на все ухищрения главное в этом турнире — найти рыбное место. На следующей неделе сам попробую… это будем моя 9-я попытка. А так грац, действительно классный ачив не потерявший в сложности и сейчас.

В официальных патчноутах нет упоминания о трех победителях на каждый реалм. Об этом есть на одном из западных блогов, в честь автора которого близы даже сделали неписяя в 5. Вчера решил снять ролик о том, как ловить рыбку. Вероятно, народ уже просек тему с озерами. Конкуренции, правда я не заметил, но турнир закончился до ой минуты и отстал я на пять рыб. Впрочем, ролик все равно выложу, может ещеи пригодится кому. А я вчера купил Волшебного Рака альтом на ЕР-Альянсе за жалкие г… На АД он полные 15к стоит, и то больше 2-х штук на ауке за раз не видел. Была мысль перепродать, но пока качаю, раз уж так свезло. Спасибо, Дек, что поделился информацией про водоем здесь и на Вовхеде.

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Лунок море, конкурентов мало, еще многие отдыхают перед патчем. На пвп серваке все прошло неожиданно гладко. Победители шли друг за другом в интервал 20 секунд. Постараюсь тоже внести вклад на вх. Rivery, судя по всему тему еще так и не просекли. Сегодня вот посоветовал своей согильдийке попробовать мою способ — получила она таки это достижение. Счастливая шляпа рыболова В рыбной ловле важно не только мастерство — многое зависит и от вашей удачи.

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  • Эта шляпа защитит вас от палящего солнца… и от завистливых взглядов остальных рыболовов. Небывалые рыбацкие сапоги Ната Пэгла Сапоги самого Ната Пэгла! Вернее, точная копия тех самых сапог, что когда-то помогли Нату Пэглу стать легендарным рыболовом. Крапчатую вкуснорыбу можно выловить из любого косяка в Северной Тернистой долине или на Мысе Тернистой долины, пока идет состязание. Победителями недели объявляются первые трое игроков, принесшие Ригглу Мормышу в Пиратскую Бухту 40 крапчатых вкуснорыб. Занявшие первое, второе и третье места в Рыбомании тернистой долины получают не только ценные призы! Каждое воскресенье на каждом сервере может быть только три победителя, однако призы ждут всех участников. Каждую неделю лучшие рыболовы со всех уголков Азерота собираются на берегах Тернистой долины, чтобы поучаствовать в Рыбомании Тернистой долины — грандиозном рыболовном турнире, за победу в котором присуждаются ценные призы. Крапчатую вкуснорыбу можно выловить из любого косяка в Северной Тернистой долине или на Мысе Тернистой долины, пока идет состязание. Победителями недели объявляются первые трое игроков, принесшие Ригглу Мормышу в Пиратскую Бухту 40 крапчатых вкуснорыб. Занявшие первое, второе и третье места в Рыбомании тернистой долины получают не только ценные призы! Если занять одно из трех первых мест вам не удалось, вы можете продать пойманную крапчатую вкуснорыбу Джанг. Не выгодно следовать за большинством игроков, разделяя с ними одно и то же место. Вы будете постоянно бегать, тратя огромную часть отведенного времени попусту. Скажем, вы движетесь на юг, опустошая лунки одна за одной. С большой долей вероятности, пока вы ловили эти, позади вас появились новые косяки. Возвращаемся и повторяем процесс. В игровых мирах с включенным PvP-флагом у вас могут возникнуть как дополнительные неприятности, так и дополнительные преимущества. Если вы заручились поддержкой ваших согильдийцев или просто друзей, можно воспользоваться следующими наработками многолетней грязной войны:. За такие выходки вы наверняка попадете в черный список не одного игрока. Но кого это волнует?

    Если у вас еще нет персонажа го уровня, для вас еще не все потеряно. В Тернистой долине есть места, куда очень редко заходят ки. Одно из них — остров Йоджамба.